Groundfish Future Leaders

Dillon Cecchi

Dillon has been with Gorton’s for 5 years, joining the company in 2017 after graduating from Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business.  He spent his first 2 years in the Distribution department, working for a year as a transportation/inventory planner, followed by a year as a production planner.  In 2019, he joined the Seafood Procurement team as a buyer.  He is currently responsible for Gorton’s aquaculture procurement and wild-caught salmon and is also the Ocean and Fishery Health pillar lead on Gorton’s CSR team.  Gorton’s is a subsidiary of Nissui and is the leading frozen prepared seafood brand in the U.S.       

Jennifer Creaser

Jennifer Creaser became the Senior Manager of Wild Procurement at High Liner Foods in 2022.  High Liner Foods is a processor & marketer of value-added frozen seafood in North America.   Jennifer joined High Liner in 2009 after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from St. Mary’s University in Halifax.  Her career at High Liner began in logistics until 2016 when she joined procurement as Planning Manager for Atlantic Cod & Haddock.  In 2018 she became a Procurement Manager, and over the last 4 years her species responsibilities have included Pacific Cod, Pink Salmon, Hake, Southern Blue Whiting, Halibut & Pangasius.

Martin Flåten

Martin Flåten became a team manager for Processing White Fish in 2019. He is a part of the management team at Lerøy Norway Seafoods. Lerøy Norway Seafoods is LSG’s white fish land industry and the biggest producer of groundfish in Norway. He joined the company in 2013 as a part-time employee while he was studying Business Administration at BI Norwegian Business School. Upon finishing his Bachelor’s Degree, he started full-time in Lerøy Seafood as a trainee as part of the NCE Seafood Innovation trainee program launched in 2016.

Fabian Hesse

Fabian Hesse joined Pickenpack Seafoods in October 2019. Previously, he was a project manager for about seven years at a medium-sized service provider in the automotive and logistics industry, working on various projects and jobs. Some of the logistic projects took place in the food industries. He holds a diploma in Business Administration.  

He is responsible for statistics about Yield and the actions out of them. He trains people on their job to get to know their job (better), be more effective and more reliable and take responsibility for their work. He took over the Shopfloor Meetings. 

Fabian also takes part in projects and communicates with suppliers.

In his daily job, he works directly with plant management and as an interface between the different departments.

Andrew Jenssen

Andrew Jenssen has been with Pacific Seafood since 2016, working in their international sales division. Pacific’s activities include the harvesting, processing, and distributing of fish products in the USA, Canada, and China. Andrew started in the industry back in the mid-2000s fishing for pollock in the Bering Sea and since then has been responsible for managing Pacific’s Canadian crab fleet, export groundfish, as well as several outside reprocessing operations. Andrew lives in Portland with his wife, Janice, and their 16-month-old daughter, Lillian.

Sebastian Korsnes

Sebastian Korsnes has worked at Nordic Group Inc. Since 2011. His responsibilities include managing importation, quality assurance and third-party audits of seafood products. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business. He is the sixth generation in the seafood business.

Dinis Tarré

Dinis Tarré has recently joined Gelpeixe’s management team as part of the firm’s long-term succession plan. Founded in 1977, Gelpeixe has become one of the largest processors and distributors of frozen seafood in the Iberian Peninsula, comprising annual sales volumes of more than 10,000 metric tons. Whitefish, particularly Hake, is the company’s core product.

After acquiring work experience in strategy consulting, Dinis established the Business Development department at Gelpeixe, which primarily focuses on strategic analyses and business intelligence. He holds an MSc in Management from the NOVA School of Business and Economics and a CEMS MSc in International Management, having developed his Master’s Thesis with McKinsey & Company.

Thomas O’Connell

Thomas O’Connell has been with F.W. Bryce Inc. since April 2011. F.W. Bryce’s main business model is supplying superior unprepared seafood to food service and retail. Thomas started his career at F.W. Bryce as a Business Analyst and has progressed to his current role as Purchasing Manager.  His primary species of focus are Cod, Haddock, Pollock, Flounder and Salmon.

Hiroyuki Onitsuka

Hiroyuki Onitsuka was born and raised in Washington and started in the Seafood Industry as a freight forwarder right out of college for seven years. Hiroyuki took a year off and started to work at UniSea in 2019. He started off as the Pollock Surimi and Pollock Roe sales manager.  Now Hirouki is in charge of Logistics, Pollock Fillet, Crab and Cod sales at UniSea. It has been a wild three years, and he looks forward to the future of Seafood.

Thea Løvik Roaldsnes

Thea Løvik Roaldsnes has been working with Espersen since 2018. Espersen‘s activities include processing fish products in Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Russia and Vietnam. Thea started as a Procurement Analysis before moving to Marketing & Innovation Department, mainly supporting UK Business Unit. Per 01 November, she will move to Sales Department working as Key Account Manager for McDonald. Thea has a Master’s degree in Fishery and Aquaculture Science from UiT, Norway’s Arctic University.